English classes in Gandia

English language classes in Gandia


If you are looking for English classes in Gandia then do contact us at Access English.  We are located in Calle San Pere 9 (behind the hospital and near Mercadona) and we can help you to quickly and efficiently improve your English.

We specialise in the B1, B2 and C1 examinations and we have professional native English teachers who can provide you with the personal attention that you need.  We also pride ourselves on having small English classes in Gandia.  Our classes never exceed 8 students and usually have around 4 students.  This means that you get plenty of attention and lots of time to practise your listening and speaking of English and also to raise any problems that you may have.

We have a long history of success with our students – who invariably pass the examinations they take after studying with us.  This is because we know what is required to pass the B1, B2 and C1 examinations and we know exactly how to teach you so that you pass!

Of course, one of the most difficult parts to learning English is often the ‘listening and speaking’ of English.  There is no short cut to this but we can provide you with lots of practice – together with dedicated conversational classes.  These can often dramatically improve your English.

Certainly, if you are trying to pass B2 and C1 English language examinations then it really is important to be taught by native English teachers.  At this level few Spanish teachers have the in depth knowledge of the use of English to teach you correctly.

If you are not sure of your level of English – examine su nivel de inglés – and find out now!

However, we also have some excellent (fully qualified) Spanish teachers who teach English for students who are starting to learn English or who are studying for B1 examinations.  This is very helpful, as many people need precise explanations (often in Spanish) to enable them to move forward from a basic level to a more advanced level of English.

Finally, we take great pride in making our English classes in Gandia both fun and stimulating.  We understand that learning a language can be hard work – particularly if it is being done in your spare time!  So, we make every effort to ensure that our classes are interesting and stimulating.

Indeed, I am always checking our classes to make sure that our students are happy both with their progress and the inherent interest of the classes that they are taking.  This is very important and you will find that all our teachers are stimulating and try extremely hard to make sure that your classes are something that you look forward to!

If we can help you – then contact us and come and see me and let me introduce you to our teachers and answer your questions.  I think that you will be impressed with the value that we provide with or English classes in Gandia, our effectiveness and the friendly atmosphere of our academy!

Lindsay Snelling

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