Clases de inglés en Gandia, aprendendo verbos compuestos R – W

Clases particulares de inglés en Gandia


Por lo tanto, esta es la última lista de verbos compuestos en inglés para que usted pueda echar un vistazo . Como he dicho antes, si quieres estudiar inglés en Gandía, no se puede evitar el aprendizaje de los verbos compuestos. Ellos son una parte intrínseca de aprender Inglés y se utilizan constantemente. Sin embargo, no siempre son fáciles y, a primera vista, no son siempre lógicos …

Run into Entrar un momento                                      I ran into your uncle at the shop and we had a coffee

Run over              Atropellar                                          He was driving too fast and ran over your duck

Run away            Escaparse                                            When I shout Go! Run away

Run out                Quedarse sin                                     We have run out of sugar, will you have saccharine?

Send back           Devolver                                              Send the dress back, it is the wrong size

Set up                   Establecer                                           It was a set up, a nasty trap

Set up                   Poner la mesa                                    When you get time set up the dinner table for six people

Shop around      Ir de compras                                    It is best to shop around if you want to find the best prices

Show off              Presumir                                              Watch your aunt, she wants to show off her cookery skills

Sort out               Preparar                                              Can you sort out this paperwork, it is a mess

Stick to                 Colgar                                                  Stick to what you are doing and you will be successful

Switch off            Apagar                                                 When you leave, switch off the light

Switch on            Encender                                             Switch on the air conditioning, it is very hot here

Take after           Asemejarse                                         He takes after his father and has the same ugly nose

Take apart          Desmontar                                          He took apart his toy and could not put it together again!

Take back            Retirar                                                 Take back what you said – that was very rude

Take off                Quitarse                                               Take off your clothes and put on your bikini

Take out              Sacar                                                     Take out the rubbish and put it in the bins

Take out (alt)     Salir con alguien                              My son is taking out your daughter, they are having an affair

Tear up                 Rasgar                                                  Tear up that paper and put it in the rubbish bin

Think back           Recuerda                                            Think back to where you were and then you will find your keys

Think over           Pensar                                                  I need time to think over your plan before I agree to it

Throw away        Tirar                                                      Throw that useless chair away, we do not need it

Turn down          Rechazar                                              I turned down the job because the pay was poor

Turn off                Apagar                                                  Turn off the ligh,t when you leave

Turn on                Encender                                              Turn on the engine and let’s see what happens

Turn up                Subir volumen                                   Turn up the volume, I cannot hear the music

Turn up (alt)       Presentarse                                         I think she will turn up at the wedding

Try on                   Probarse                                              Try on those trousers and see if they fit

Try out                  Hacer una prueba                            He is going to try out the horse before buying it

Use up                   Gastar                                                    Someone has used up all the coffee

Wake up               Levantarse                                           Wake up – it is time to go to work!

Warm up             Calentarse                                             The best way to warm up is to run around the playground

Warm up (alt)    Animar                                                   He is going to warm up the audience by telling some jokes first

Wear off               Desaparecer                                         Once the booze wears off, he will be alright

Work out             Solucionar                                             Try and work out the problem – take a close at the figures

Work out (alt)    Hacer ejercicio                                   She wants to get fit and is having a work out at Pilates

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